Shoutout to all starting to work!

Or those like me, back at home, looking for work and confused.
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Studies have to end one day. In November I set foot in a classroom for the last time and when I left, like that, it was over. 6 years gone by and I am a graduate. I just had my 26th birthday and I am back at my parent’s. Duration of the stay: Unknown.

Around me I saw my friends graduate this year with me, or others just starting a new position. I went to graduations and it felt bitter sweet. Weird mix of excitation for what’s coming, of nostalgia for what was. Weird period full of changes and decisions.

So if you are going through this strange transition period between studies and work, if you’ve just started working, if you are wondering who you are, what the hell you are doing and what you are going to do, this article is a shoutout to you all.

I don’t know for y’all, but as soon as studies are over comes a deafenning rumor: « Time to get to work! ». This is it! You look at job listings, fill out applications, work your « network » (= to sign up for Linkedin). Your friends that are employed reassure you: « Don’t worry it will be hard at the beginning but you’ll get used to it », to smooth it down. Everyone is giving you advices. We tell ourselves we are going to make it, even if it takes time, even if now we give too much and receive too little, we will be recognized, we will accomplish something. Or at least survive. Time to get to work.

I just want to say.

I hope you took some time to put yourself first, really. I hope you could. I hope that no matter your situation, you succeed in doing the best you can, without guilt tripping or comparing yourself to others. That you have the chance to take your time. That you’re hustling everyday without losing sight of your goals and dreams.

This moment in our lives is so much more than a marathon to get a job, any job. During these short years after graduation, decisions will be made and threads woven that’ll guide your steps for the next couple of years. We go through a lot of changes, low moments where the reality of work and survival in this world explode in our faces, and moments of satisfaction at our own independance, own successes.

And through all of that, must keep some sense of who we are. Even if we know neither the future nor who we will become, we must anchor to something consistent. And this thing can only be ourselves, that we want it or not, it’s us by ourselves doing us.

Sometimes all these possibilities seem to stretch in all directions like a puzzle impossible to hack. Amid this immensity, any risk calculations or probabilities of success seem useless. It is hard not to feel helpless, at the mercy of luck, despite all our efforts to obtain diplomas and experiences. Once again, our only guide is ourselves, the one constant element in all this mess.

For all these reasons, the entry on the job market is a sensitive time. A lot of us endure it as difficult and frustating, want it to be over with, yet everything takes times. 2019 is just starting, and if we do not think of ourselves, if we drown our selves in responsabilities, real or imagined, if we lose our voices in the collective buzzing, we risk to endure rather than act.

How are we supposed to know what to do if we do not even know wo we are and what we want? Seriously.

And you, how are you dealing with this new step? What you think? Excited, scared, ambitious or already over it ? Do you feel you have your say, agency in the way you live your life? Let us know!

Thanks for reading my friends and lots of luck in your projects 🙂 I’m rooting for you!

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