Officially starting!

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Hello everyone welcome to my new blog Roots & Connections!

The idea of starting a blog was bugging me for a long time, so here I am. As far as I remember I’ve always been writing, mostly personal notes or poems in my journals, but I’ve never dared share anything. This year I decided to challenge myself by opening this blog.

Why Roots and Connections? I will be discussing a wide range of topics related to, but not limited by : Agriculture in all its forms, Travels and Cultures, People and their Projects, Litterature. My motto is to simply challenge, learn and grow 🙂

My goal is to partner up with talented people around the world to promote different and original points of views, ideas and work that tackle this century’s great challenges !

bad picture that I love with a 5000 years old tree in Guadeloupe

Roots because agriculture varies in each region, represents its soil, its climate, its people. The food we eat, the way we farm, the landscapes of our countrysides, those form the roots that anchor us to the places we are from. Rooted in our land, our families and communities.

Connections because in nature, everything is connected to the broader ecosystem it lives in. Whereas in a farm or in a town, nature work in networks. I want this blog to place where people can connect to themselves and each other, discover different ideas and ways of living !

If you write, have ideas, and would like to participate, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 I want this website to be a community of different contributors

If you know people with innovative ideas, engaged in community projects or entrepreneurship, or trying to change things, that’d need exposure and support, please contact me !

Welcome to Roots & Connections my friends, thanks for following me and enjoy reading!


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